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Register for Futures Trial in Chelsea by this Friday, October 4.

By SRK, 09/30/19, 10:00AM EDT


USA Field Hockey Futures Trial at BMS Field on October 7

USA Futures is the Olympic pipeline. Futures entails spring training with an opportunity to compete at a Regionals tournament in Louisville, KY, for potential selection to Nationals in Pennsylvania. 

Varsity Coaches Leslie and Casey Fry are holding a USA Field Hockey Futures trial at the BMS field that tests speed and stick skills. Results are submitted to USAFH. Athletes who meet Futures criteria will receive an invitation to sign up for Futures by late October/November. 

The trial fee is $25. Here is the link to register by 10/4:

Region 9 Trial Registration

Please note that to participate in Futures spring training, the fee is roughly $425.

If you have participated in Futures already, you will receive an invitation for the 2020 training.

New this year: Your coach can recommend you for Futures training if you are unable to make the trial. You still need to register for the trial.
Learn more here.